In English, please if you plead

Shall we go there?
Shall we?
Shall we fly away?
Shall we?
Shall we jum up?
Shall we?
Shall we kiss lips?
Shall we?
Shall we share us?
Shall we?

Should we break up?
Shoud I?
Should we make up?
Should you?
Should we tire us?
Should I?
Should we forget all?
Should anyone?
Should we blow up?
Should we?

Birds are screaming songs
without words,
without sounds.
What are you longing for?
Are you desiring more?
I cannot give you
my whole,
I can´t even give you
my half.

I will never run after words
neither I will run away from sores.
I will remain here and be there
for you, for her, for them.
I will elevate my miserable me
to another world, another self.

-----Una inglesa merodea los jardines de palacio, y un jilguero vigila su paso-----

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  1. QUE PRECIOSO BLOG TIENES SUSANA...Enséñame a escribir así.


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